Sunday, September 22, 2013



Supplies: 12 rods and 12 planes

Part 1 of First Dialog

Part 2 of First Dialog

First Dialog complete

Second Dialog #1

Second Dialog #2

Final Dialog #1

Final Dialog  #2

Unity - Assemblage


Arrangement #1


Arrangement #2


Arrangement #3


First unified form.
Focus: Creating tension between twigs using thread.
Improvement: Levitate base twigs, add noticeability using white thread, create stronger tension.

Final unified form


Final unified form #2

Unity - Pen and Ink


Pen and ink portrait. Twigs separated.

Pen and ink portrait. Twigs unified start process.

Twigs unified pen and ink outline.


Twigs unified pen and ink finalized.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Reading Response - Quotes

Design Drawing

Francis D. K. Ching

"The eye is blind to what the mind does not see." pg. 5
  -It all starts with a thought.

"Just as we see in a different way, we can each view the same drawing and interpret it differently." pg. 11
   -We are all unique and perceive things differently.

"The more we focus on what we see, the more we will become aware of the details of a form." pg. 20
   -You have to take a closer look.