Monday, April 21, 2014

IAR 102 BLOG #4

Once upon a time there was a speck… and nothing more. Over the ages, the speck grew dry and brittle. it broke open and out of it burst land. On this land grew one mushroom. This mushroom soon blossomed and out sprouted an offspring. She stayed on this land for many years, until she also started to become brittle and even the land started to crack open. This land was unlike any other. It was entirely made of glass. There was no air, no scent and no sound. The offspring grew troubled, wondering what would become of her. One day while taking a walk, she stumbled upon the mushroom that birthed her. From this mushroom a vision appeared. In this vision, she saw a flash. This flash was beautiful to the offspring. Without thinking she tore the mushroom from the ground and the flash started to seep from it, spreading all over creating a whole. The whole was color and with color came life. Grass, trees and plants sprung from the ground, clouds and wind filled the air; the noise of critters was all around. But with life came death, with the wind came storms and with the critters came dinosaurs, monsters and worms. It was the circle of life and the offspring grew to accept it. One day she came upon a meadow full of mushrooms. Some were big and some small. All had different colors and shapes. She picked the first and out spring a woman, but this woman was so very sad. Thinking she could make this woman happy, the offspring picked another, but he was very vain. The offspring kept picking the mushrooms. Some happy, joyful, content, some envious, shady and bitter until there were thousands. They spread out and lived off the lands. They reproduced, some out of love, some out of lust and some out of hate. Creating what we are today.

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